Asbestos Solutions

We have several long established clients for whom we have provided asbestos services for many years but we are equally committed to one-off customers who may have never dealt with asbestos issues before.


Consultancy, Registers & Surveys

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 there is a duty to manage the risk from asbestos to building users, visitors and trades people. The type of survey needed will vary depending on the age and use of the premises and on whether any refurbishment work is proposed.

Management Survey

We assist clients such as hotel chains, educational premises, health authorities and commercial organisations to discharge their duty by helping to create an asbestos management plan that can be easily understood and updated.

The first stage in the process is to carry out a Management Survey which is generally non-intrusive, except for small areas of investigative openings. This provides an official risk assessment on the location, condition and recommended action of known asbestos areas and is generally recognised as the basis of effective asbestos management in normal operating conditions.

Refurbishment & Demolition Survey

Where demolition or substantial refurbishment work is proposed then the R & D survey is required. The very nature of this survey means it is intrusive and involves opening up service voids, floor spaces, bulkheads and ceilings and is intended to locate all asbestos within a designated area with a view to planning its safe and timely removal before other work can take place.

The optimum time to carry out the R & D Survey is usually after the area has been vacated but before any structural work has started.

Asbestos Management Re-inspections

If you are a duty holder under the Control of Asbestos Regulations then you should already have a suitable and sufficient asbestos management plan in place.

One requirement of the asbestos management plan is for regular re-inspections by a competent person and for written records to be kept.

These inspections can of course be carried out by a trained and competent staff member but it is usually advisable to engage the services of an external consultant who can accurately assess the risk presented by any remaining asbestos materials and provide guidance on future remedial and management actions.

We have nearly twenty years’ experience in asbestos management for schools, hotel chains and commercial organisations and we can use our expertise to assist our clients to manage asbestos in a safe, pro-active and cost-efficient manner.

Our re-inspection reports are concise, easy to interpret and can be used as the basis of the asbestos management plan eliminating the need to refer to multiple and historic documents.

Asbestos Remedial Work

It is important to recognize that duty holders are required to have an effective asbestos management plan but that this does not mean that asbestos removal is compulsory unless there is no other appropriate course of action.

Once we are familiar with a building and with our clients intentions we can often provide solutions in the form of repair and re-encapsulation work that can defer or even eliminate expensive removal works provided that management arrangements are in place.

The remedial works can be noted and recorded during the next scheduled re-inspection so that the asbestos register is kept up to date in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Asbestos Removal

Where asbestos removal work is essential to facilitate a planned project or becomes necessary due to damage or deterioration we can carry out the work ourselves or in conjunction with one of our trusted panel of partner contractors.

With access to extra resources at busy times such as school holidays and shutdowns we have been able to provide our clients with asbestos removal programmes that are effective in terms of both cost and duration.

We apply the same approach to any project irrespective of size or value so that once we have been appointed we can be relied upon to deliver on time and at the agreed price.

Asbestos waste collection & disposal

We offer a comprehensive service to collect low grade asbestos waste from domestic and commercial premises and we complete all necessary premises registrations and consignment notes to ensure full compliance with Environment Agency requirements.

The asbestos is then fully sealed in regulation bags or packaging and transported in sealed vehicles or enclosed skips to registered Hazardous Waste sites.