Royal Opera House

In March 2015 Independent Asbestos Solutions was commissioned to undertake an extensive Asbestos Refurbishment Survey to the Royal Opera House to enable Phase One opening up works prior to a substantial renovation programme.

Due to the inherently intrusive nature of the survey and to the sensitivity of the site it was necessary to undertake all of the survey inspections overnight between the hours of 23.00 and 07.00 so as to leave the surveyed areas ready for normal occupancy the following day.

The survey inspections were carefully programmed with the project management team and were carried out by a team of two surveyors over several nights and a dedicated manager with the final comprehensive report delivered to the client by early April 2015.

Refurbishment of the Royal Opera House is currently being carried out by a major construction company with the aim of encouraging a wider range of clientele to use the building during daytime house and to take advantage of its wonderful facilities.