Safety is paramount

The asbestos removal industry has become unrecognisable from its inception in the late 1970’s.

The life-threatening risk of prolonged exposure to asbestos particles is well documented. As more is discovered about asbestos, additional regulations are put in place to protect the public, and of course those involved in its removal.

Thirty years ago less was known and regulations were not so strict, which allowed working practices to be less stringent than they are today. Where asbestos removal has been undertaken a number of years ago it is quite likely that asbestos debris is hidden behind or under newer material or may have been missed altogether.

At Independent we have the experience to recognise these tell-tale signs immediately and to advise on the best solution.

Working practices have evolved over decades so that fibre suppression is now mandatory and unnecessary hot working and use of power tools have been prohibited.

It is essential to plan asbestos removal work properly taking out of any access restrictions, working hours, service isolations and the ramifications for other building users and we have the expertise to ensure all these issues are addressed at an early stage so that everyone affected knows what is being done, how and when.